Salty Berry

Freelance artist
Illustrator, charadesigner, concept artist
Vtuber and Vartist
[email protected]

Commissions states:


Before commissioning me :

  • Reading TOS

  • Checking the waitlist

  • Having your references ready

Once all the steps done you can click on the terms of service button!

· Terms of services ·

For personal use

May be use for :

  • Profile picture on social media

  • Wallpaper of your phone and computer devices

  • Gift for loved one

  • Posting on your social media

*No extra charges

For commercial use

May be use for :

  • Used as STREAMING ASSETS (Starting screen, panels, alerts, emotes, reactive png and L2Dmodels, ect)

  • Used in VIDEO EDITING (Tiktok, Youtube, Youtube shorts,ect)

*No extra charges

For merchandise

May be use for :

  • Creating PHYSICAL ITEMS (Prints, stickers, keychains, prin on clothe and mousepads, towels, plushies, bags, ect..)

*x2 the total price


I reserve the right to decline any commission if I don't think I can meet your expectation or if I don't resonate with the order.Please send me visual references of your character. Creating a design (outside of the refsheets) will up the prices.Do not trace or claim my art as your own.I don't want my art to be involved into any cryptocurrency or any AI related thing.My work will be used as advertisement for my commission's sheet as examples.I can publish, stream the process and advertise my work on my social media. (If you want to keep the process secret, we can discuss this part.)I mainly communicate through discord and Twitter DMs.


Full payment is upfront, or we can slit it in two, 50% upfront and 50% after the first sketch is received


You can do multiple revisions on the sketch process, but please avoid making big changes. Be clear with what you want in the description of your order.Once the sketch is done, only color revision can be done. I won't modify the overall drawing once line art and flat colors are done. So please make sure everything is good for you once the sketch is complete.


Commissions will take 1 month to finish from the moment I receive the payment, and we confirmed the commission.If I can meet the 1-month delivery, I'll contact you about it and we can discuss it. You can choose between asking for a refund for the undone work or agreeing to waiting a little longer.If you need a faster delivery,** priority fee can apply** (from 20% up to 50% of the commission price.)Work will be delivered through Google Drive link or in discord DMs.


Commission are for personal use or for your youtube/twich only. If you wish it to be for merchandise use, the price will be x2.If you want to post the commission, please credit me.Please do not modify, change or draw over my work.


There is no total refund made after I started working on your commission. Once I started working on the sketch, there is no refund possible.If I can't meet the requirement for the commission, I will inform you and refund you 100% of the price.If we agree on a payment plan and I start the commission after the first deposit has been done, I will not refund your said deposit if you back out of the Payment Plan.


I take 1–2 days to answer to your commission. If you want to have a faster reply, please contact me through discord or Twitter (@berry_salty) DMs.I send you regular updates through the process. From sketch to flat colors and render, I want to be sure it's exactly what you want.

This section is under construction! Sorry

· Commissions ·

ILLUSTRATION charadesign

Streaming assets


L2D model and assets


TypePrice €Price $
Half body6065
Full body8087
Simple background00
Pattern / Typo15+16+
Complex background50+54+
Additionnal character+70%+70%

Simple render

TypePrice €Price $
Half body4549
Full body6064
Simple background / Color00
Pattern / Typo15+16+
Complex background40+43+
Additionnal character+50%+50%


TypePrice €Price $
Full body3538
Simple background / Color00
Pattern / Typo15+16+
Complex background40+43+
Additionnal character+50%+50%

Reference sheet

(newest sheets coming soon)

TypePrice €Price $
2 Full body cell shading + 3 expression bust + 5 details200215
Designing entire character+200+215
Designing new outfit+70+75
Extra expression+30+33
Extra fullbody view+80+87
Extra detail+15+16


TypePrice €Price $
Extra expression+15+16
Extra pose+70%+70%


(newest sheets coming soon)

TypePrice €Price $
Singular emote89
Set of 4 emotes3033
Set of 8 emotes6066

Twitch panels

Newest sheets comin soon

TypePrice €Price $
Singular panel2527
Set of 4 panel9097