Salty Berry

Freelance artist
Illustrator, charadesigner, concept artist
Vtuber and Vartist
[email protected]

Commissions states:


Before commissioning me :

  • Reading TOS

  • Checking the waitlist

  • Having your references ready

Once all the steps done you can click on the terms of service button!

Terms of services

For personnal use

May be use for :

  • Profile picture on social media

  • Wallpaper of your phone and computer devices

  • Gift for loved one

  • Posting on your social media

*No extra charges

For commercal use

May be use for :

  • Used as STREAMING ASSETS (Starting screen, panels, alerts, emotes, reactive png and L2Dmodels, ect)

  • Used in VIDEO EDITING (Tiktok, Youtube, Youtube shorts,ect)

*x1.5 the total price

For merchandise

May be use for :

  • Creating PHYSICAL ITEMS (Prints, stickers, keychains, prin on clothe and mousepads, towels, plushies, bags, ect..)

*x3 the total price

Terms of service

The artist :

  • I have all rights over the final products including the works in progress. The art is my proprety and can't be claimed as you own.

  • You can't trace, take parts of the artpieces to create new ones or modify them.

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